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How to convert to a vendor

so your ready to join the family of vendors selling items on Railroad trader.. AWESOME!

Here are some steps to make that happen. 

Remember: you must FIRST have a user account to become a vendor. 

The screen above can be accessed via clicking on the ” Log In” button. 

Enter the pertinent information into the fields to login. If you forgot your password you can use the forgot password link under the box to reset your password. 

(note – we cannot view passwords so we cannot tell you what your password is, you will need to manually reset it)

Once logged in your Account Settings page will show what appears above. You have two links to help you convert your customer user to a vendor. 

They are both titled “Become a Vendor” it is entirely up to you as to which one you would like to use. 

Clicking on “Become a vendor” will launch the process of making your user account a vendor account. 

In the section titled: “Update Account to Vendor” fill it pertinent information in the form.

  1. Names: self explanatory
  2. Shop Name: you can name it anything you like however we do recommend to better utilizing Search Engine Optimization to name it something catchy.
  3.  Shop URL: we suggest you use a portion of your business name in the URL (at the least). Don’t try to be too creative with it – as this will hurt your SEO. (yes we handle that for your store as well)
  4. Phone Number: self-explanatory.
  5. Subscription Pack: we do not charge any commissions on any of your product sales; so this is how we pay the bills and provide this great service to you. Each plan has its benefits that increment in nature. Choose the plan that fits your goals and needs.
  6. Agree to Terms: Before you become a vendor be sure to read through all terms and conditions. There are hot links in the bottom of every page AND you can click here to view and not lose your place.

Then click on the “Become a vendor” button on bottom of form.


Your next step will require you to enter your billing information for the method of payment to use to pay your monthly subscription fee.

Enter all pertinent information in the form – keep in mind this is your billing info that will be used to verify any credit card charges.
“Add Note to Order” is for both your records as well as ours. If you need to add a note to the billing invoice for you – you can there.

Add Coupon: if someone from our team gave you a coupon for your subscription you can enter it here – if valid will adjust the total due immediately.

Click on “place order”. 

the result will be a screen to enter more information OR if the plan is free then it will flash and start the “Store Setup Wizard”. 

The Store Setup wizard is an automated way to walk you through 3 simple steps to set up your online store. It is entirely optional however we do suggest you use it, as it will ease the process. 

To skip the wizard simply click “Not right Now” otherwise click “Let’s Go!”

Clicking “Let’s Go!” will land you on a page with a form. That form is the contact info for your business/store. Including the location. 

The fields Street –> State are all self-explanatory. Just keep in mind this is the location of your business. 

Store Category: choose the best one that describes your business type. Keep in mind this may be changed by our admin staff if your choice is entirely incorrect. 

Map:  This is probably the most important. This should be your business location/Address. When a buyer/shopper uses the store list your store will show as a pin on the map for them to locate you and when searching for a vendor in their region. When you list an item for sale or lease, it will ask you to enter the location of that item or lease. If you enter nothing there is a checkbox (in the product listing process) that will default the location of that product to the location you enter in this field. Great for manufacturers and some wholesalers. Yet as an individual seller, your item may be located somewhere else. 

Once filling it all out click CONTINUE. 

On the next page is – Payment Setup:  You can skip this. This may be implemented in the future for certain vendors. 

Click skip or continue. 

The result should be:

StoreReady External Training/Doc

storeSetupWizard A External Training/Doc


    Mobile_Product Category Select

    Location Range Search

    Location Range Search

    Only Items for Sale?

    Mobile For Sale

    Only Items for Rent?

    Mobile_For Rent