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How to create a user

The very first step to being part of the RT community is creating a user. You can only become a vendor after you create your user. 

The screen above can be accessed via clicking on the “Create User” button on the top right – left of the ” Log In” button. 

In the email address field, you enter your email address. This will cause our system to send you an email to that address that will continue 2 important links. 

  1. Set your Password
  2. Verify the Email

On your browser, you will be directed to a page that resembles the image. Please give up to 10 min to receive the email at your address. If you do not get it you can click on the “send again” link to resend. 

If you hit the resend you will be forwarded back to the page to re-enter your email address. 

In the email the format will appear as it shows in the image. Please go in in order of the steps. 

Step 1 will send you to set your password for your user. 

Step 2 will then verify. 

Although when you click “set new password” and complete that process it will forward you to a login screen, you will still need to go back and click on the “Click Here” to validate your email link. 


Once you click on the “Click here” to validate email the system will automatically log you in. You have successfully created your customer login – welcome to the Community!


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